Truck Wash

From $27.50 incl GST

Truck wash for heavy duty washing. No wax. High foam, powerful yet safe heavy duty. Lemon scented.

See how easily this Green Kenworth rig gets a sparkling finish using this wash.

  • Strong on dirt, safe on paint and polished metals
  • No wax
  • PH neutral
  • PH Neutral
  • Safe on tanks and bar work
  • Strong Cleaner
  • Wash vehicle out of direct sunlight
  • Hose all grit off vehicle.
  • Put approx. 100ml of truck wash into 10L of warm water (adjust to suit as required)
  • Scrub vehicle down with a sponge or truck wash brush
  • Hose off
  • For best results, dry with a chamois or drying mitt


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