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RG Degreaser

From $35.20 incl GST

RG degreaser is designed for use on paint, polished metals and alloy on truck tanks, bar work, Alcoa wheels, paintwork etc. Also used a lot on plant machinery and buses and comes ready to use. There is no risk for damage when used in accordance with the instructions. Also a great bug remover and excellent for pulling out red dirt and grime from tyres, bringing them back to their original black.

Tones Truckin’ Stories tests out the RG Degreaser on a Kenworth K200 and loves it! Watch it HERE.


Paint, alloy & Polished Metal Safe
Great bug remover

RG also assists to pull red dirt and grime out of Tyres to bring them back to original black as shown

Check out how easily the RG eats up the grease on this checkerplate

  • Paint & Polished Metal Safe
  • Great bug remover
  • DO NOT use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight
  • DO NOT let dry on polished metal
  • Spray onto surface, leave to soak (but don’t let dry) & pressure wash off again. (Heavy soiled area may need gentle scrubbing)
  • Can be used undiluted
  • Spot test on delicate areas


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