Car Wash Detailing Kit – Small

$157.30 incl GST

Looking to try some of our best products on your car to get that professional shine feeling? This pack will give you everything you need to try to get started on your journey to an easier clean and longer lasting shiny car.

This pack includes:

  1. Mag Magic 1L with Trigger
  2. Purple Power Wash & Wax 1L
  3. Shiny Stuff Tyre Shine1L with trigger
  4. Final Reflection 1L with Trigger
  5. Waffle Drying Towel
  6. Rippa 1L with trigger


We recommend also purchasing our Foam Cannon to get the best effect with our Purple Power Wash.

Purchasing this kit gives you a discounted price than when purchased individually, so give Omikron a go today and see the difference for yourself.

This pack contains the following Omikron best selling products:

Purple Power Wash & Wax 1L bottle with trigger

Powerful PH neutral wash with a very high foam, suitable for any vehicle on almost any surface. This is our most premium wash that leaves your vehicle with a beautiful shine.

Mag Magic 1L with Trigger

Extremely powerful, fast acting wheel cleaner that requires no scrubbing.

Rippa 1L with trigger

Strong all round concentrated cleaner for anywhere on a vehicle. Safe on Paint.

Shiny Stuff Tyre Shine 1L with trigger

High Gloss Silicone Tyre Shine. Minimal flick, long lasting.

Final Reflection Spray Wax & Waterless Wash  1L with trigger

Get a showroom shine in seconds with no ghosting. Repels water, dirt and bug grime, keeping surface cleaner for longer.

This ultra High Gloss Spray Wax and be used as a waterless wash if vehicle only has light dust and no grit on the paintwork. Leaves paint silky smooth in a matter of minutes.

Great for paintwork on car and truck. Heavily used to keep your polished metal shiny.

Snow Foam Cannon

The easy and scratch free way to clean your vehicle! Turn any pressure washer into a foam cannon to spray and create a thick layer of snow foam on your vehicle. Eliminates the risk of swirling and scratches on paint using traditional bucket and sponge methods, making it easier and faster for you with no bending, scrubbing or buckets required.

Foam Cannon Adaptor

Foam Cannon Adaptor.

Waffle Drying Towel

Purple Power

  • Wash & wax.
  • Very powerful PH neutral washing with very high foam, powerful yet safe.
  • Strong on dirt, safe on paint.
  • Great for use through a foam gun & leaves a very shiny finish.

Why our customers choose Purple Power over our competitors products:

  • Stronger Cleaning power
  • Does not fade paint
  • PH Neutral – Not caustic
  • Better value for money
  • Purple Power leaves a serious shine


  • Concentrated cleaner.
  • Powerful cleaner on paintwork, leather, carpet, fabric, rubber, plastics and delicate wheels.


  • Tree sap
  • Brake dust
  • Grease and oil
  • Bug squash

Final Reflection Spray Wax & Waterless Wash

  • Ultra high gloss.
  • Fast application with a showroom shine in seconds, with no ghosting.
  • Safe on paint and polished metals.
  • Repels water, dirt and bug grime keeping paintwork clean for longer.
  • Can be used as a waterless wash.
  • Showroom shine in seconds with no ghosting.
  • Keeps vehicle cleaner for longer.

Mag Magic

  • Supremely fast acting mag wheel cleaner
  • No Scrubbing required to get even the toughest mag wheels clean with no scrubbing

Shiny Stuff Tyre Shine

  • High gloss
  • Minimal flick
  • Long lasting


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