Sitex Before and After Product Demos

The team at Sitex had our crew out to give a demo on which Omikron products would work best for them and their vehicles.

Our team pulled together some of our most loved products and showed them just how easy they were to use, and how much time they would save, no longer having to scrub to get their gear clean.

The best part was they could see the shine and how Omikron products protect metal and paintwork.

Here are some of our favourite before and afters from the day:

Purple Power Wash

This hard working bobcat was covered in dirt, grime and grease. By giving it a Purple Power foam wash and gernie off, she looks crystal clean and good as new!

RG Degreaser

Tyres and Wheels are always affected by loads of dirt, oil and road grime. Add to that the hard to reach places and you have a difficult job ahead to get a showroom shine. Using our RG Degreaser only, we sprayed it on, let it settle then gernied off for this awesome result.

Pro Shine Tyre Shine

Once your wheels are sparkling clean, you want your rubbers to look just as good! Our Pro Shine is a high gloss, long lasting silicone tyre shine that keeps your rubbers looking great roll after roll. See the difference with half a wheel with and half without Pro Shine.

Purple Power Truck Wash

Of course after all that work we couldn’t leave the big girl without a tub. Purple Power is gentle on paint and tough on dirt! You can see in these progress shots how it picks up that dirt and grime and carries it away on the foam.

GRL Tar Remover

Stubborn tar is no match for our GRL Tar Remover. See here how after less than a minute being sprayed with GRL, the tar starts to dissolve and melt away. No damage to paint, no heavy scrubbing. Simply wipe off with a soft cloth and it is GONE!

If you would like to book a demo with our team who can tailor solutions for your business to get the most effective and efficient washing and cleaning from your products, book a time with us today.

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