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Please phone head office for competitive pricing.

Head Office:
Detailing & Automotive Products Pty Ltd
7/9 Swaffham Road,
Minto, NSW 2566

T(02) 9603 1089
T 1300 569 525
F (02) 9824 5866
E admin@omikron.com.au
Body Seal
One step easy to use paint sealant with a long lasting teflon finish that is suitable for all paint types and colours.
Sizes available - 1L
Cut 'N' Glow
One step cut and wax polish for the removal of small scratches, scuff marks and surface imperfections. Also restores mildly faded surfaces.
Sizes available - 1L, 5L  
Diamond Buff
Ultra cutting cream.
Sizes available - 3KG
Fantastik Plastik
Long lasting silicone free gel that imparts shine and restores faded plastic and rubber parts to a new look finish.
Sizes available - 1L, 5L  
Final Reflection
Use as a waterless wash or as a touch up cleaner and gloss enhancer.
Sizes available - 1L, 5L  
Solvent, wax and silicone free buffing compound that is suitable for the rectification of minor paint work defects and oxidation.
Sizes available - 1L, 5L  
Long lasting low dust wax polish that leaves a brilliant shine.
Sizes available - 1L, 5L  
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