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Please phone head office for competitive pricing.

Head Office:
Detailing & Automotive Products Pty Ltd
7/9 Swaffham Road,
Minto, NSW 2566

T (02) 9603 1089
T 1300 569 525
F (02) 9824 5866
E admin@omikron.com.au
Air Blower
Air Blower made in Australia
Backing Plates
GPI dimple backing plate for woollen pads
Single edge Blades made in USA
Sizes available - 100 pack
1 litre Plastic Bottle
500ml conical Bottle
Chemical resistant pump up bottle for solvent, acid & alkaline
Polish dispenser bottle
Broom handle metal 1.31m x 25mm
Broom handle wooden 1.8m x 25mm
Broom handle wooden 1.35m x 22mm
Broom head premium tidy
Brushes & Rollers
Dish brush
Dip 'N' Wash brush (long yellow handle)
Fender & Wheel Brush (hard & soft)
Laundry brush
Mag wheel brush
Paint brushes
Sizes available - 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
Pet hair brush & pan
Toothbrush set
Sizes available - 6 pack
Touch-up brushes
Sizes available - 6 pack
Vent brush
Buffing Machines
Rupes variable speed
Chamois synthetic perforated
Sizes available - 3 pack
Chamois synthetic
Sizes available - 3 pack
Microfibre large chamois
Cheese Cloth
Cheese cloth 2 kg roll extra fine roll
Foam Pads & Applicators
GPI 6” White or black with backing plate
GPI 6" Orange with backing plate
Edge Foam Buff pads 5 grades
Contour foam applicator pads
Sizes available - 4 pack
Cotton applicator pads (Kenco)
Disposable Latex gloves
Sizes available - S, M, L, XL 100 pack
Disposable VINYL gloves
Sizes available - L 100 pack
BLACK Solvent resistant
Sizes available - 8, 9, 10, 11
Hose & Vacuum Fittings
Hozelock Gun Nozzle Chrome metal
Hozelock Gun Nozle Yellow Plastic
Nylex 12mm Hose Joiner/repairer (G932)
Nylex 12mm Hose Connector Tail (G915)
Nylex 18mm Tap Adapter (G902)
Nylex Adjustable Hose Nozzle (G941)
Nylex Gun nozzle (G1905)
Vacuum Nozzle
Sizes available - S (35mm), L (44mm)
Key Tags
Key tags single colour or mixed colour
Sizes available - 100 pack
Masking Tapes
Masking tape "Cling"
Sizes available - 24mm, 36mm, 48mm
Car Wash mop complete with handle (Cotton or Modacrylic)
Car wash mop replacement (Cotton or Modacrylic)
Mop handle metal 1.31m x 25mm (b11580)
Mop head 100% cotton
Sizes available - 450gms, 750gms
Oates Blue Wringer Bucket
Fragrance Trees
Tyvek disposable overall
Sizes available - M, L, XL
Paper Products
Toilet paper Finesse
Sizes available - 48 rolls
Toilet Paper Royale Luxury 2 ply
Sizes available - 48 rolls
A Tork Basic 12.92.62 2 recycled, 2 ply
Sizes available - 350m rolls x 2
A Tork Plus 13.00.20 virgin, 2 ply
Sizes available - 280m rolls x 2
A Tork Basic 12.71.01 recycled, 1 ply
Sizes available - 1400m rolls x 2
M Tork Standard 10.01.34 virgin 1 ply
Sizes available - 275m rolls x 6
M Tork Basic 12.01.5 recycled, 1 ply
Sizes available - 300m rolls x 6
M Roll 66.31.0 (M Tork Basic Light) recycled, 1 ply
Sizes available - 350m rolls x 6
Floor Mats
Sizes available - 100 pack
Pumps & Syphons
Drum pump for 200Ldrums
Skin Clean pump for 4kg or 18kg
Soft Clean Soap Dispenser
Rags & Cleaning Cloths
Microfibre cloths yellow small
Microfibre cloth giant 75cm x 60cm
Microfibre cloth blue large 50cm X 60cm
Microfibre cloths 40cm x 30cm
Sizes available - 6 pack
Flanelette rags
Sizes available - 20kg
Mixed cotton rags
Sizes available - 20kg
Table Cloth rags
Sizes available - 20kg
Sheeting cotton rags
Sizes available - 20kg
Towelling rags
Sizes available - 20kg
White Towelling rags
Sizes available - 20kg
T-Shirt rags
Sizes available - 20kg
Masslin Cloth White 30cm x 65m
Nappies cloth 60cm x 60cm
Sizes available - 50 pack
Metal body scrapers
Plastic scrapers (grey)
Seat Covers
Seat cover EXTRA THICK sheets (blue)
Sizes available - 250 pack
Dog bone large sponge
Mediterranean large sponge.
Kenco large sponge twin pack
Softy small sponge
Truck scrubbers with white scourer
White scourers with sponge back
Sizes available - 10 pack
Aluminium 600mm with handle
Timber 914mm with frame & handle
Kenco Window Squeegee complete with handle
Steel Wool
Steel wool fine
Sizes available - 12 pack
Plastic taps to suit 20L drums
Dangerous goods cap & tap
Small triggers
Black solvent resistant triggers
Jumbo triggers to suit 1L bottles
Chemical Resistant pump bottles solvent, acid or alkaline
Sizes available - 1L, 1.5L
Wet Weather Gear
Yellow PVC coat & hood
Sizes available - S, M, L, XL
Yellow PVC trousers
Sizes available - S, M, L, XL
Woolen Products
Tie on wool buff pads
Sizes available - 7", 8", 8 1/2", 9"
Black Diamond Double sided wool pad
Mitts cotton light & easy to use (Kenco)
Aerosol Products
Gloss Black, Flat Black, Gloss White & Silver
Sizes available - 310g cans
Battery & Terminal
Battery & Cabie Protection
Sizes available - 500g cans
Carby Cleaner
Carby Cleaner & Degreaser
Sizes available - 500g cans
EP Lithium Grease
Lithium grease for all types of lubrication
Sizes available - 500g cans
Glass Cleaner
Streak Free Glass Cleaner
Sizes available - 500g cans
Super Silicone
Clean & easy to use Silicone Lube
Sizes available - 500g cans
Skin Gard
The most effective barrier cream on the market. Non slip, pleasant fragrance, economical and easy to use.
Sizes available - 350g cans
Ear Muffs
Disposable dust masks
Disposable respirator P2V
Respirator masks by 3M
Respirators with replaceable filters
Safety Glasses
Solvent resistant gloves
Waterproof clothing (coats and trousers)
Tyvek overalls
Drum Racks
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