Watch out for non genuine Omikron Products

Omikron Products, the superior detailing products for the auto, marine, commercial and domestic markets, the finest and the best cleaning products available.

Omikron Products are manufactured, distributed and sold through Bluesky Automotive and Detailing Products Pty Ltd. We would like to make you aware that we are not associated or affiliated with any entity claiming to be Omikron. We do not sell to any third parties that re-sell and re-label  products claiming to be Omikron.

Buying from Bluesky Auto will ensure you are purchasing 100% genuine Omikron quality, which is tested and made by us. We do not use inferior raw materials or dilute products with excessive amounts of water. We are not in the business of re-badging  or re-labeling these quality products to be sold as another brand or with another label. When you by Omikron from Bluesky Auto, you are buying genuine quality products. Don't be fooled by others claiming to sell Omikron

We guarantee 100% Omikron - why? because we make the products we sell.